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The Origin of Obsidian Digital Designs

Choosing the right name for a business can be a daunting task. It's a decision that often involves a delicate balance between personal expression, brand identity, and market appeal. In the case of Obsidian Digital Designs, the story behind its name is a journey through darkness, crystal phases, and a touch of personal reflection. In today's post we will explore the origin of this edgy business name and uncover the intricate web of influences that led to its creation. The Quest for Edginess: When it came to naming my business, I knew I wanted something edgy and dark. I fully embraced my inner emo kid, seeking a name that would reflect my alternative spirit and rebellious nature. I explored themes like roses and skulls, then finally stumbled upon the perfect fit: Obsidian. The Allure of Obsidian: Obsidian, a naturally occurring volcanic glass, immediately captured my attention. The name itself exuded a sense of darkness and mystery, with its connotations of sharp edges and a deep black hue. It was an embodiment of my desired aesthetic – both literally and figuratively edgy. A Crystal Connection: Admittedly, after some of life's hardships a number of years back, I briefly developed a fascination with crystals. It was during this phase that I found myself drawn to, and discovered a fascinating property of obsidian: its reputed ability to absorb negativity. This unique quality resonated deeply with me. Having worked in psychology for nearly a decade and assisting numerous people, often at the cost of my own well-being, the symbolism of obsidian i relation to my own life was not lost on me. Obsidian and I are one in the same. Both possessing beauty, an edge, an air of mystery, while also assisting others by taking in their negative energy.

Embracing the Oddity: Finally, the abbreviation of Obsidian Digital Designs to "ODD" brought an extra layer of personal connection. Embracing my quirkiness and the unique aspects of my personality, the acronym ODD felt like a perfect fit. It embraces my individuality and sets the tone for a business that stands out from the crowd.

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