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Welcome to Obsidian Digital Designs' Blog!

This section of my website will highlight topics ODD LLC is working on, as well as side projects by our founder, Kayla Wilson. Check back in periodically for our new & exciting endeavors.

As of April 15, 2023, ODD LLC will be officially open for business. My small business has been extremely fortunate to have received mentorship by Beverly Sterling-Affinati (founder & CEO of HarborSide Services). You will notice that there are already clients listed under my clients page (namely Advanced Virtual Agents and Memories in the Makin'), and that is because I'm fortunate enough to have a couple POCs that are working with me to help create my portfolio. Once completely finalized, that section of my site will link to their direct pages so you may preview my work and their wonderful services.

ODD LLC Can't Wait to Work With You!

We are happy to provide a plethora of digital design services, from web design, to graphic design, instructional design, marketing, and more. In our next post we will talk a bit about how we are implementing artificial intelligence (AI) into some of our programs to better enhance what we do. Stay tuned for more!

To reach us regarding questions, or to set up digital design services, please email or check out out Instagram or Facebook using the links provided in the header section of our website. Thank you!

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